Chov starokladrubských koní - David Haitl
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Our goal

Our goal is to further expand the breeding of the Old Kladruber horses, to prepare young horses for a carriage racing career, as well as family sweethearts and loyal companions. The Old Kladruber horses are typical for their classy movements and they are used in baroque riding and especially under the ladies' saddle, which we also do. Our breeding stallion is one of the best rated breeding stallion, so prefer him for breeding. He gives his offspring his extraordinary, hard-working character, but also the mechanics of movement and the nice nature. He is highly appreciated for a high percentage of mare harvesting, even for insemination. The Old Kladruber horses are majestic, they have pride, but they are devoted to their owners and they are always ready to work. Come with us to the world of these animals, whether as owners or just fans.

We thank everyone for the resurrection of this breed.